Spring Creek Homestead has a unique and fascinating history.

In October of 1865 the first wagon train to settle in the Yakima area arrived in what is now Union Gap, WA. It was traditional for the members of the train to offer the wagon train leader the right to select the first tract of ground and to build him a home as a thank you for a safe journey.

Dr. Goodwin selected the current location of Spring Creek Homestead. As promised, the original small home was built for his family. In 1900 the home was expanded to add a double story addition, plus a barn to house one of the first dairies in the area (milk was delivered by horse drawn wagon and taken door to door daily). We still own the milk wagon that has the words “JOHN DEERE” branded into the wood axle.

Today the home stands, as does the barn and numerous outbuildings. You can step back in time and see handmade carved and chiseled doors, large beams made from single massive trees and squared with hand tools. The Homestead only had four owners from 1865 to today. A visit to Spring Creek Homestead is a fascinating opportunity to step back in time and view the past.

Today the Homestead consists of 19 acres and features lovingly cared for grounds and gardens. The history of the farm has been maintained and we have kept many of the items that were used thorough out its history to help tell a story of the past. The house, barn and grounds have all become a major part of the uniqueness of Spring Creek Homestead. It is still an operating farm as well as an event venue. It is a quiet, serene and intriguing location for that special function you're planning.

We purchased the property in 1993. We had noticed the property years before and thought it was beautiful, but soon discovered the owners had been in residence for 35 years. Suddenly in 1993 a “For Sale” sign went up on the Homestead and we made an offer. We feel privileged to have been able to protect and share the Homestead with others.

Today you will find a charming mix of chic barn, luxurious tents, mood lighting and modern facilities to turn Spring Creek Homestead into a facility that fits all tastes and still reflects the best of the past.

We will meet all your needs to make your event perfect.

Tours of home and grounds are available – please call us at (509) 469-0493 for more information.