Are other events scheduled on the same day?

No! When you book a date, that date and the venue are completely yours!

What is your alcohol policy?

The Renter(s) has the responsibility of getting a) A Banquet Permit, b) A licensed Bartender, c) Licensed Security. Alcohol is to be only served at the bar, no guests are allowed to bring in and/or leave with alcohol during the event! We have great recommendations for bartenders and security that we would love to share with you!

Are your health department and insurance certificates up to date?

Yes! Health department and insurance certificates are up to date

Is parking available on-site? How much space is there? Will guests be charged for parking?

Yes! We have plenty of on-site free parking for over 500 guests! We also never want our guests drinking and driving so we allow guests to leave their cars in the parking lot overnight after an event, and can be picked up by 10:00am the following morning!

What is your event season?

We are open April through September for events! We do take appointments for tours, payments, etc during the season and off season!

Do you have any restrictions on catering

We have no restrictions regarding catering! You are welcome to bring any caterer you choose, bring food yourself, or have food trucks! All food does have to be prepared before arriving at the venue! The kitchen is equipped with a conventional size refrigerator, warmer and freezer to keep all food at the right temperature!