• Full day rental is 9:00 am - 12 midnight, with a maximum guest count of 250.
  • You choose your wedding site, the Barn, Silk Lined 40'X60' Tent, the Front Yard or The shaded Creek side site.
  • We allow you to choose your own vendors, we do not require you to use an exclusive caterer. Pick any caterer, restaurant caterer etc. the choice of food suppliers is yours to make.
  • We keep our prices low and pride ourselves on providing an "all inclusive" event site with all the basic items you need for that perfect wedding at no additional charge.
  • Items like tables and chairs, serving and accessory tables, gazebo, arches and that all important tent option. View the full list on our "amenities" tab.
  • Bring your own decorations and make it your special place.
  • All set up and clean up takes place within the rental period.
We invite you to compare our price with other similar venues, you will find that with all the items we offer at no additional charge we are priced to fit your budget.

Weddings can be booked up to two (2) years in advance.

Purchase the Wedding Package and you receive automatic upgrades as the Wedding improves over the year(s). Never pay more than what you booked your event for; regardless of how much is added to your Package. Your Package will never include less than what was agreed upon at purchase.


The size of our facility and the vast area available allow us to host up to 1500 guests if required. The facility charge for each additional guest over 250 is $2.50 per person.

Note: We provide table and chairs for up to 250 guests. Additional tables and chairs would need to be rented and paid for by the wedding party. If additional tents are required they would need to be ordered and rented by the wedding party. We are happy to consult with any rental group you choose. We have excellent restroom facilities on site but for very large guest counts additional restrooms may also need to be rented by the wedding party.

Wedding Day Package + the Day Before:


  • Most of our bridal couples book both the day of the Wedding and the day before the wedding. This allows for plenty of time to decorate and rehearse.
  • The option of decorating the day before takes a significant amount of pressure off of the wedding couple, family and friends on the day of the wedding.
  • With this package you may also have your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at our facility the night before the wedding, if you choose. Many rehearsal dinners are barbecues on the lawns or on the front deck. Some have chosen to have food ordered/delivered or catered dinners. You may choose any available location on site for the rehearsal dinner.
  • This package includes all the amenities of the Basic Wedding Package (listed above).
  • The cost is very low but the reward is very high!


We have had bridal parties who chose not to book the day before the wedding only to discover at a later date that the task of taking all the decorating supplies, beverages, accessories etc. to the facility and decorating on the day of the wedding can be overwhelming. They then called us to book the day before only to discover that the day before was booked by another group and no longer available.

If you do not book the day before we will then schedule an alternate rehearsal date or you may rehearse on the day of your wedding.

Call/E-mail for a Tour of our Facility and Pricing